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Predator Workshop

This article was added Nov 17, 2017 11:51 AM

The West Interlake Watershed Conservation District and the RM of Armstrong will be hosting Predator Workshop on December 2, 2017 in Inwood. This workshop will be instructed by members of Manitoba Trappers Association K. Fjeldsted and N. Brandstrom. To register please call 204-762-5850 or 204-280-0181. Workshop is FREE OF CHARGE. For more information call Neil Brandstrom @ 204-739-5452

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Additional News

Water Days Festival

Jun 18, 2013 1:25 PM

A water festival, organized by West Interlake Watershed Conservation District (WIWCD), East Interlake Conservation District (EICD) and Oak Hammock Marsh, was held at the Rubber Ducky more

WIWCD receives funding

May 17, 2013 12:39 PM

West Interlake Watershed Conservation District receives funding from the Fish Enhancement Fund. Interlake MLA Tom Nevakshonoff presented a cheque..... more

Composters and Rain Barrels For Sale

May 16, 2013 3:00 PM

Subsidized through the WIWCD, composters ($20) and rain barrels ($40) are being sold. Get yours today! Send us an email or call (204) 762-5850.

Swan Creek Watershed Riparian and Habitat Assessment

Apr 27, 2012 9:30 AM The West Interlake Watershed Conservation District (WIWCD), with the assistance from the Manitoba Fisheries Enhancement Fund (FEF), initiated this assessment to gain a better understanding of issues potentially effecting water quality, in-stream habitat, and the riparian health of the tributaries and drains found within the Swan Creek Watershed. The WIWCD’s goal is to design an integrated watershed ...more

Lake Francis Watershed Riparian and Aquatic Assessment

Apr 27, 2012 9:20 AM The West Interlake Watershed Conservation District (WIWCD) has been actively involved in improving the health of the watersheds within the conservation district. In 2009, the WIWCD completed an assessment of the riparian zones, instream habitat, and water quality within the Swan Creek Watershed (Lowdon 2010). Utilizing the information collected, the WIWCD has started to tackle numerous projects wi ...more
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