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Southwest Interlake Watershed Management Plan

 The Southwest Interlake watershed planning area is approximately 1,478 square miles in cize and includes all or a portion of the municipalities of Eriksdale, Coldwell, Armstrong, St. Laurent, Woodlands, Portage la Prairie, Fisher and Rockwood. The major waterbodies within boundary include the North, West, and East Shoal Lakes, Swan Lake, Lindals Lake and Lake Francis. The Watershed has a resident population of about 4,400 people.

In the winter of 2013, the West INterlake Watershed Conservation Dictrict formed a Project Management Team to begin development of the plan. The Project MAnagement Team includes representatives from the West Interlake Watershed Conservation District, Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, and municipalities within watershed planning area. The team will guide the overall management and development of the Southwest Interlake Watershed Management Plan over the timeline of approximately the next two years. The first round of public meetings to collect input and information on watershed issues was held in May of 2014.

You can find the document "WHAT WE HEARD" here

You can find the DRAFT here

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